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Eating WHOLE makes so much sense, as you will discover here plus in my book, The Healing Power of Whole Foods, Revised 2nd Edition (It's available here and, also, from Amazon.com).

If you are still eating a standard American diet, why not begin the exciting journey of Eating WHOLE?  It can dramatically change your health as well as your life. Afterall, when you feel better, everything is better!



What's Cooking in YOUR Kitchen?

If you were to invite me into your kitchen to critique your cupboards, pantry, refrigerator, and freezer, I would likely discover some food products contributing to health problems in your family, particularly if you are preparing the "standard American diet" that, based on our vast knowledge of health and nutrition, is much too common in our country.


What you are cooking in your kitchen definitely matters to your health.   

You have control over what you buy, cook, & eat.

Thus, you have control over your health!

Don't let this simple concept pass you by.

Start Eating WHOLE & help make good health the norm, not the exception!

                                                                  ~ Beth Loiselle, RDN 



Glad You Found Perfectly Whole Foods!

Whether you are just starting to improve your way of eating and are searching for where to begin, or you are truly an "expert" at "Eating WHOLE," I hope you enjoy and benefit from this website!  (Well, actually none of us are truly experts, are we?  There's always more to learn, and always will be!)

Because of the amazing health improvements and feelings of well-being that I experienced some 35 years ago when I fundamentally changed my own diet, I have had a personal goal to help as many people as possible feel better and have increased energy by learning to eat better.

My desire is for this website to help you learn more about simple, yet powerful, nutrition truths that have been long forgotten, ignored, or even disguised in today's fast-paced world of highly processed and FAKE foods - foods that are destroying health!  Fortunately, these truths are being revived and promoted by many nutritionally wise individuals, yet there still are far too many people who have yet to learn about REAL food nutrition and started eating WHOLEsome foods. 

My wish is to help you, the reader, improve your eating habits, if that is your need. Good nutrition is an absolute necessity for everyone, whether you cook for yourself, a large or small family, or even in your workplace for others. Good food is important whether you currently feel good, whether you are battling medical problems, or simply don't have as much energy as you would like to have.


Essential Fact!

To get America's physical and mental health in better condition - there's no question about it, we must begin in the kitchen!

One easy way to begin learning about wholesome WHOLE foods is to start trying new recipes that incorporate natural, minimally processed ingredients. That's what this section is for - to provide REAL food recipes that both please the palate and nourish the body.

Most people are excited when they discover new ideas, and those learning to eat WHOLE are certainly no exception! I know that I love new recipes, especially quick and easy ones for when there’s little or no time to cook.

If you are needing detailed nutrition information on how to improve your health using whole foods, check out my book, The Healing Power of Whole Foods, Revised 2nd Edition, described on this website.  By reading one chapter at a time and making changes as you read, you will be on your way to improved health in no time! My book provides detailed information on why and how to make the recommended dietary changes plus hundreds of Perfectly Whole recipes and Mostly Whole recipes.


You'll never regret eating better. Like thousands of others who have bought my book, you can learn to make better food choices and experience "the healing power of whole foods"!