Truth in Nutrition


With so much conflicting nutrition and dietary supplement information in the news, I've literally had folks tell me that they have given up on eating better and are going to eat whatever they want since, in their perplexed minds, it doesn't really matter. Bad decision!


Here's a simplified version of the REAL DEAL: many people, even health care professionals including nutritionists, are still living in the dark ages of nutrition where giant food corporations and powerful pharmaceutical companies (motivated by money) provided nutrition standards and education rather than correctly interpreted and applied science plus down-to-earth common sense.


An example here, in case you don't understand exactly what I'm saying: Are you old enough to remember the abundance of TV commercials and magazine/newspaper ads for margarine, "educating" us that [FAKE] margarine is a more wholesome choice than [REAL] butter?  (I recall these ads very well, and unfortunately, my family fell for their message for many years.) Americans heard these ads over and over, and to this day, margarine is viewed by uninformed folks as being a better choice than butter. Those who learned from the original commercials have passed this "nutrition information" on to their children, who have passed it to their families. So it's general "truth" among many that margarine is better for our health than butter. It's hard to overcome these types of mistaken "facts."


Even health care workers who are handing out nutrition info to others yet accept wrong and harmful nutrition "facts" continue to perpetuate wrong nutrition information. They have yet to understand that we must have REAL, minimally processed food!  FAKE food as well as pesticide-, additive-, and genetically engineered-laden foods can never provide nutrients for good health! 


Confused by the News?

Another more complicated fact to keep in mind is that research studies are sometimes poorly designed with the focused desire to make certain types of foods or dietary supplements look useless or even harmful. These studies may be funded by food or pharmaceutical companies wanting us to prefer processed foods, as well as  prescription and OTC drugs for our "ailments," rather than for us to work on health and prevention with a good diet and quality dietary supplements when indicated.

Here's an example of what can occur in dietary supplement studies. If an insufficient amount of a nutrient is used in the study (a very small amount of vitamin C, for example) or the wrong form of a nutrient is given (synthetic vitamin E, as another example, rather than natural vitamin E), the results will show that dietary supplements are not helpful (and even harmful in the case of synthetic vitamin E).  See how still more confusion occurs in the public when the results of such studies hit the news?  I agree that we must be selective in using dietary supplement, but all supplements are definitely not bad as the new media often implies or bluntly states! 



We Still Don't Know It All!

Ongoing nutrition and dietary supplement education is a must. However, it is vital that you get your education from those sitting on the right side of the nutrition fence!  Here are some questions to ask when gleaning information:

  • Is the author from the "old school," pharmaceutical-promoting side of the fence?
  • Is this information provided with a financial agenda?
  • Who funded the research study or magazine article?
  • Is the information you are reading based on the common-sense wisdom of REAL FOOD and QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS or highly-processed FAKE FOOD and SYNTHETIC SUPPLEMENTS?


This web section provides basic and up-to-date nutrition information on REAL food nutrition and WHOLESOME dietary supplements, rather than out-dated, incorrect information that keeps lingering on in the nutrition world in support of health-damaging, highly processed foods and the companies producing these popular products. I have selected specific YouTubes and article links that present what I believe to be accurate, up-to-date Nutri-Truths.

Keep in mind that articles and links provided here, while they may present basic information that is accurate in my understanding, products they may promote or advertise are not necessarily based on Perfectly Whole or Mostly Whole foods. Take the nutrition info, as presented, but continue your search to find Perfectly Whole or Mostly Whole foods (whichever you have chosen) that are appropriate to you.

Don't give up - in fact, never give up!  Eating well can become just as easy and natural to you as your experiences with processed foods have been in the past. It just takes some time. With your exciting new way of eating, you'll be giving your body the required nutrients for building health and wellness.

Check back in periodically so you can learn more Nutri-Truths that will help you stay motivated and on track! 

We should never be finished with learning since all there is to know isn't yet known and probably never will be!  Exciting, isn't it?

Please keep in mind that the following Nutri-Truths are provided for educational use rather than as personal recommendations, particularly those YouTubes and articles dealing with dietary supplements.  Check with a knowledgeable health care professional that is familiar with your health history, including all pharmaceuticals you are currently using. 


Sugar Isn't So Sweet!

  • Click HERE for up-to-date information on Sugar and other Carbohydrates. Brief YouTube videos are included as basic introductions of the topics.


Power in Protein

  • Click HERE for up-to-date information on Protein, including brief YouTube videos.


Quality Fat: What's That?

  • Click HERE for up-to-date information on Quality Fats, including brief YouTube videos.


Savor the Flavor!

  • Our food doesn't need to be bland - in fact, it shouldn't be bland since so many of our natural seasonings are actually quite nutritionally valuable. Just keep in mind that artificial flavors (and artificial colors, too) are not what we're talking about - they are harmful to the body.
  • Watch YouTube videos about beneficial salt, herbs, and spices by clicking HERE.


Oh No, GMO!

  • Click HERE for up-to-date information on what's being done to change the food we eat - even those that look REAL! Included here you'll find YouTube videos not only about Genetically Engineered foods (GMO or GE), but also Organics vs. Non-organics, Artificial Food Dyes and Flavorings - plus more!


Nutrition an Alternative Treatment?

  • I get annoyed when I hear "nutrition" being called an "alternative treatment" by conventional medicine practitioners!  After all, when poor eating habits contribute to a medical problem, why then should the solution (REAL, unprocessed foods) be considered alternative?  It must be because nutrition is an alternative to what conventional practitioners mainly have to offer, drugs and surgery.   
  • Click HERE for just a few YouTube videos describing how nutrition can help specific conditions.
  • In some cases, the individual videos represent just part of the solution or is just one of several necessary approaches. While it might not be the total solution, nutrition, in my experience, should always be considered!  Providing the body all necessary nutrients certainly can't hurt!