Wonderfully Made to S-H-I-N-E!



Wonderfully Made to S-H-I-N-E! is provided as a Health & Nutrition ministry with a Biblical perspective.


You are welcome to participate in the S-H-I-N-E! program if you:

  • Need to improve your or your family's nutrition
  • Realize the need to improve your health
  • Have excess body fat, whether 10 pounds or 200...
  • Would like health/nutrition support from a Christian Registered Dietitian Nutritionist within a community of Bible-believers
  • Have no problem with this program's Christian perspective and will participate online in the manner of a lady or gentleman (no cursing, no vulgarity, no arguing; only kindness).  Anyone not abiding by these simple guidelines will automatically be banned from the site.


We all need to keep this in mind: While I encourage everyone to work on their health to a reasonable degree, I do not suggest that "health and fitness" become a "be all, end all" goal! 

I think we should learn to take proper care of the body that God has given us so we can, hopefully, remain healthy. But, sometimes health issues, especially due to past lifestyle habits or accidents, do put an unintended focus on health. In other words, poor health, pain, lack of energy, broken bones, surgery recovery, and other more serious problems often require extra work just to make it through the day. In doing what we need to do for our health, whether it is a little or a lot, we should not forget our spiritual growth or our work for the LORD!  Let there be balance.


If you are willing to participate as requested above and

would like to know more about S-H-I-N-E!,

please click on the SUNSHINE below!