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Beginning in 1977, I saw my own health as well as that of my family's improve when I gradually altered our diet from typical American food to whole foods. For myself, it was an amazing transformation in how I felt both physically and mentally --- and I was still young, without any medical diagnoses, nor health issues! Having studied nutrition in college and worked as a hospital dietitian, I had never seen nor experienced the power of nutrition until I experienced it in myself! Of course, I immediately became dedicated to teaching others about the benefits of whole foods nutrition as well as how to incorporate REAL, whole foods into their lifestyles.

I next spent some twenty-six years with Good Foods Co-op in Lexington, Kentucky, where I helped customers shop for their special needs and diets, counseled them on improving their diets, answered questions about whole foods cooking and nutrition, and consulted with private clients. Through my local Nutrition Mission program, I presented motivational and educational talks to students of all ages in schools, churches, Scouts, neighborhood groups, homemaker clubs, support groups, and employee meetings. I retired from Good Foods in 2015 at age 70 to pursue other nutrition adventures. I live in Nicholasville, KY with my husband Jim. Our two chldren have blessed us with ten precious grandchildren!

A on-going goal has been to spark an interest in health and nutrition in those to whom I see.  Now that I have "retired" or "repurposed," as my son lovingly said, I am expanding my private consultations in person and via Skype plus working on a Christian-based wellness and weight management program.


Here are my credentials: I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Tennessee in Food Science and Institution Management and am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Licensed in Kentucky.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I am required to get 75 continuing education units in my field every five years. As a member of the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine (DIFM), a  specialty practice group of nutrition practitioners, my core nutrition philosophy centers around a holistic, personalized approach to health, healing, and weight control. I integrates a variety of nutrition therapies, including whole foods and appropriate dietary supplements in my practice.

Here's a short video to learn more about the DIFM nutrition group to which I belong, and provide a simple explanation of my nutriton philosophy:


Click the Nutrition Consult tab above for information on our working together. I always start with where you are now and help you make gradual lifestyle changes suitable for your personal needs and circumstances.





Amazing things usually happen for those eliminating ALL refined carbohydrates for a period of time and working on other aspects of diet. Read some of the letters and email I have received over the years. The final two letters were written by students as a result of my Nutrition Mission program.

If you currently have health issues and are eating a Standard American Diet (SAD), what might your story be after cleaning up your diet and giving your body a chance to heal?


ULCERATIVE COLITIS:  From a thankful follower of the PWFD detailed in The Healing Power of Whole Foods, Revised 2nd Edition:

I was diagnosed ulcerative colitis by biopsy in April 2004. Shortly after, my daughter, who had suffered from U.C since her first year of college, had to have her entire large intestine removed due to advanced U.C. I was terrified for her, and for myself, that the same fate would befall me too. The doctors told me that the only cure for U.C. was to have the colon removed, but it was the last resort. I asked God for help, and in a miraculous way, he directed me to the SCD [Specific Carbohydrate Diet] diet. In a few months, I was symptom free. After 15 months without symptoms, I asked my GI doctor if I could stop taking my medications. He refused. I told him I was on the SCD diet, and he laughed at me and handed me my prescriptions. I never returned.

Shortly after that, I was visiting the library on my lunch break when I found your book, Beth, The Healing Power of Whole Foods. I knew that the SCD diet had gotten me through the active U.C., but now I needed a diet that I could live with for the rest of my life. There was no doubt that nutrition is the answer to healing, and optimal health. I needed to maintain this gift of health I had received. Your book was just what I needed. You may not have remembered my call to you a few years ago, but it was a monumental moment for me, and I felt honored to speak with you personally when ordering the book.

In 2008, and again in 2014, I had colonoscopies and the GI doctors who performed the procedures on these two separate occasions, were amazed that there was complete healing. Isn't God amazing? I thank him for His loving guidance in my healing.

Beth, I am thankful for your book, and used it to the point that it is worn out, and this is why I have ordered a second book - to continue to maintain the ultimate health God intended for me to enjoy. I am 62, but feel like 26! God bless you always.

Anonymous, USA 



PAIN RELIEF FROM FIBROMYALGIA: From a happy student of the PWFD, whose unsolicited experiences are detailed in The Healing Power of Whole Foods, Revised 2nd Edition:

It is hard to imagine the days and weeks I used to spend in so much pain I could not get out of bed, or the times that my back and spine were so inflamed that I required assistance to even get up out of a chair or off the sofa to literally shuffle across the floor to go room to room. Even simply wealking in my own home was a nearly intolerable painful experience, and I spent over five years merely existing that way at the very young but old age of forty. I look and feel like we've reset my biomarkers back a full decade in just over three months. People keep asking what the bigt difference maker is, and I keep sending them to the Co-op to look at your book and suggesting they give you a call. You're the real expert and teacher; I'm just something of a still-early learner and student.

"Jane" (not her real name)



From an Internet Holistic Health Bulletin Board:

Have just read most of The Healing Power of Whole Foods by Beth Loiselle. She deserves a lot of credit for the most complete coverage in the fewest words. She has separate lists for food sensitivities involved in migraine, MSG, gluten, and others. The print is large, descriptions clear as for omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids. I have never seen a better listing of hidden sugars. The Introduction from Dr. Stoll is very motivating. The necessary info is there, it is up to us readers to use it!

M.D., Columbus, OH



BLOOD SUGAR, APPETITE, & CRAVINGS CONTROL - an unsolicited letter:

...The education I learned from this book has helped me so much in controlling my appetite...I am totally amazed at how my cravings have diminished. I can remain calm throughout the day. I no longer have the sugar highs and lows. When I get hungry, it's a manageable hunger. I'm not starved. I can't say enough about how good I feel and how excited I am about my new eating habits.

P.A., NY



From Dr. Walt Stoll's Introduction to Beth's Book:

...Only your own personal experience will ever let you find out if the results [of a whole foods diet] are worth the effort. The Healing Power of Whole Foods gives the most practical set of tools I know of to learn that for yourself.

Walt Stoll, MD, Panama City, FL



From Grocery Manager of Washow Zephry Food Co-op:

This book, The Healing Power of Whole Foods, is one of the best I've seen. The recipes are easy to follow; the ingredients are easy to find in Natural Food Stores like Co-ops. Congratulations to Beth on a great book! I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in improving their eating habits and health!

M.R., Reno, NV



From a local Doctor of Chiropractic (an unsolicited letter):

This is just a brief note to tell you how very much I have enjoyed your book. This great nutritional resource has everything! You have included excellent recipes, complete information for the new whole foods consumer, and the detailed physiological benefits of the program for those of us who really get excited about superior health. All in all, Beth, you produced an outstanding product that I will recommend highly to my patients!

K.B., DC, Lexington, KY



From the owner of a Health Food Store:

The Healing Power of Whole Foods is excellent and a must for anyone who really wants to understand the value of foods...If a person asks me to recommend a book on learning about eating right, recipes, etc., this is the first book that I show them.

R.M., Indianapolis, IN



FEELING BETTER & WEIGHT LOSS: From a satisfied follower of The Healing Power of Whole Foods book:

I just can't believe how much better I'm feeling now that I've followed your book for less than a month. And I thought I was already making good food choices! As a side benefit of whole foods, I've begun to lose weight! Needless to say, I'm thrilled!

J.T., Lexington, KY



MANY HEALTH BENEFITS: From an unsolicited email:

I don't know if you remember me or not, but I called you on the phone over a month ago to ask you some questions about the diet regarding what breads we could eat if we were avoiding sugar and gluten.

My BF and I are both on the whole foods, candida diet, and no gluten. We started the diet on May 19th and so we have now been on it for 2 months and 5 days. The reason I am writing this email to you is to share some positive changs that have occurred in our health.

Before starting the diet my BF had blood pressure running 190/100 on a regular basis. My blood pressure which had always been pretty good until the past year was running 138/86. We are now running 120/60. Before I was so tired and fatigued that I didn't feel like doing anything. After I got home from work I was usualy lying down before 7 PM too exhausted to even do the smallest of household chores. I now can get up at 7 AM and go to work then come home and do things like installing ceramic tile, building shelves in my laundry room, and I even cleaned out my enrtire basement and had a huge yard sale.

My BF's psoriasis is slowly but significantly improving also. Plus both of us can notice a big difference in our skin. The best part is that I do not have a headache almost every day of my life. We have neither one been sick one day. Also his blood sugar, which was running 150 to 200, is now in the normal range.

I am still not the person I was before I got sick but I am so greatful for the tremendous improvement that i have notice in the way I feel. As an added bonus we have both lost weight, and everyone is asking what we are doing to achieve all of this...

...Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate the book and all of your efforts I've been on diets since I was 15 and now I'm 41 and this is the first time that I have ever felt this good about the way that I am eating.

Anonymous, from KY



From a bright 3rd grader, after Beth's classroom visit for a Nutrition Mission:

Dear Ms. Loiselle,

Thank you for coming to visit. Before you came I thought I had to go on a diet. But thanks to you I learned that I just had to switch foods.

Student, Lexington, KY



From a high school student, after Beth's classroom visit for a Nutrition Mission:

Dear Mrs. Loiselle,

I cannot stress enough how much you have broadened my aspect of processed and fast food. The information you have provided us is priceless and even life saving. I am happy to inform you that your words, information, and models opened my eyes and have changed my eating habits. Thank you for teaching us what you know, and I hope you can sleep more soundly knowing that you got through to at least one person.

Student, Lexington, KY